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AQUA released on XBLA www.aqua-the-game.com

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Games Distillery, founded in 2008, is an independent game development studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The studio is owned and managed by Juergen Reusswig and Slavo Hazucha.

Juergen has 14 years experience in the international games industry and was responsible for more than 20 game productions, including the worldwide million-seller ANNO 1602 and ANNO 1503 – Germany’s best selling PC game series. Slavo has worked as Creative Director and Manager in the Eastern European industry for almost ten years.

Games Distillery teams up the best and most creative minds of the local and surrounding developer scene and an extensive network of freelancers and external experts.

We develop cutting-edge PC and Xbox 360 games, tailor-made for digital distribution through Xbox LIVE Marketplace and similarly designed distribution models for other platforms.


AQUA - Naval Warfare is now available on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Download it today and join the Emperean war effort in an epic steampunk naval conflict!

Aqua is a stylish naval-action shooter with tactical elements. Steer your ship into the middle of a raging  naval war, where masses of enemies and allies engage in real-time operations over large, multi-screen maps, presented in a unique distinctive steampunk art-style.

Destroy masses of enemies on- above- and below the water surface, unlock new ship-types, weapons and upgrades to enhance your ship as you progress through an entertaining story-driven campaign accompanied by beautiful hand-drawn comic sequences.

Choose your tactics and form your own special squadron to support you in battle, issuing offensive and defensive orders to overcome masses of enemy opponents and defensive installations.


Our yet unannounced next project will take you to fantastic battlegrounds where you experience massive encounters with fast-paced action and the option to crush your opponents in many visually impressive ways.


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